Fundraise for Bowmore With Your Groceries!

Fundraise While you Shop!

The Bowmore Eco-Team is pleased to announce the addition of a “green” fundraising initiative. Donate Naturally is an online grocery store.

Your purchase is delivered right to your front door – for free!

Each purchase generates a 15% donation to Bowmore Public School without charging any additional fees to the consumer. 

Please spread the word to friends and family.

It’s simple:
1. Visit Donate Naturally
2. Set up an Account using the “Register” link (at the top right corner of the page)
3. Shop – choose from a variety of fresh produce, groceries, health & beauty and household cleaning supplies – and check out the super-convenient “Weekly Staples Bins“! 🙂
4. IMPORTANT! Choose Bowmore as your Donation Recipient from the drop-down list in the review and submit order screen during checkout (final step).
5. Expect delivery the next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (click here for more details on delivery arrangements).

You will get an immediate report of how much your order has generated in donation funds to Bowmore.

Happy Shopping!


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