Calendar and Schedule


Daily Schedule

Primary and Junior School Senior School
8:30-8:45 Supervision in school yard 8:30-8:45 Supervision in school yard
8:40-8:45 Entry Bell 8:40-8:45 Entry Bell
8:45-9:25 Period 1 8:45-9:25 Period 1
9:25-10:05 Period 2  9:27-10:07 Period 2
10:05-10:20 Recess NO RECESS
10:20-11:00 Period 3 10:09-10:49 Period 3
11:00-11:30 Period 4 10:51-11:21 Period 4
11:30-12:25 Lunch 11:21-12:29 Lunch
12:25-12:30 Entry 12:29-12:34 Entry
12:30-1:00 Period 5 12:34-1:04 Period 5
1:00-1:40 Period 6 1:06-1:46 Period 6
1:40-1:50 Recess  NO RECESS
1:50-2:30 Period 7 1:48-2:28 Period 7
2:30-3:10 Period 8 2:30-3:10 Period 8
3:10-3:40 Remedial 3:10-3:40 Remedial

6 responses to “Calendar and Schedule

  1. Fawn Fairfoul

    Hey there – any chance this calendar could include what school day it is (for the senior students?)

  2. heather cook

    Would it be possible to invite the school trustee to the next svhool council meeting so we can discuss options for parent and non teacher led extra curriculars?

    • Michelle Aarts

      Currently parents may lead lunch time or after school programs as long as a teacher or administrator is able to be present. In the case of sporting activities the parent must also have proper training. More information can be obtained from Principle Sambrook. The issue of parent-led activities in the school, outside school hours, without a staff member present, is more complicated due to TDSB policies. This item is the parent council “to do” list this year.

  3. Bri

    Please post the pizza lunch days for the remainder of the year.

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