School Council


Who are we? We’re You! – Bowmore School Council is made up of parent volunteers who represent the interests of parents, guardians and students at Bowmore Rd Jr & Sr School. We advise the principal on a variety of issues and activities affecting our school. We also fundraise for activities that enrich the learning experiences of Bowmore students. All parents have a vote and a voice at Council!

Thank you to all who submitted self-nomination forms for Bowmore School Council in September. Below is a list of the Executive Members as a result of that process.

It is important to note that ALL parents at Bowmore have an equal voice & vote at School Council meetings, which are open to all parents and interested community members. Please plan to attend and share your ideas!

Bowmore School Council 2016-17:

Position Name
Co-Chair Sept – Sept Elizabeth Grundon
Co-Chair May – May Lyndsey Camps
Treasurer Michelle Aarts
Susana Molinolo
QSP Team Lead Jennifer Petursson
Ward 16 Representative
Ward 32 Liaison Gregory Parson
Members At Large
Communications Team – Lead Kathleen Sandusky
Communications Team Shannon Akman
Communications Team Monica Curtis
Communications Team Ruth Lee
Fundraising & Events – Lead
Carnival Co-Chair Michaela Jeffs
Carnival Co-Chair Sharon Donaldson
Fundraising team Viviana Kohon
Fundraising team Catherine McCormack
Fundraising team Michele Rice
Bowmore Rocks and DDP Lori Sears-Malik
Pizza Lunch Coordinator Elizabeth Grundon
Pizza Lunch Coordinator Fiona Luck
Multi-Cultural Potluck – team Shelly Baboolall
Eco Team – Lead
Movie Night – team Ashley McKay and Andres Bieger
Make-it Fair – Chair Andrew Duff
Lice Check Coordinator Nancy Botelho
Lego Club  Alexis Jennings
Bake Sale – Lead/team
Volunteer Coordinator Mercedes Lee
Scholastic Book Fair Lead Cheryl Ball
Grant Writing
Caring and Safe Schools
Elections Committee Chair Sheila Rose
Elections Committee Member Dita Petrova
Member At Large Jason Kenemy
Member At Large Heather Robson
Member At Large Sarah Thompson
Member At Large Ingrid Palmer
Member At Large Stefanie Koenig
Member At Large Eric Philip
Member At Large Andrea Dunsmuir
Member At Large Dana Cooke
Member At Large Abby Smallwood


All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend & vote at meetings – if you have a child at Bowmore, you have a voice and a vote at Council!

School Council Role Descriptions can be read at this link.





3 responses to “School Council

  1. Sharon D

    Thanks to all these dedicated Bowmore parents!

  2. Excellent! But where is the location for upcoming school council meeting? How I can join to the meeting?

    • Hi Mohammed haque,

      All school council meetings are held at Bowmore school. When you come to the school you should see some signs pointing you to the room or, if there’s no signs, you walk to the default room (senior cafeteria). That’s it! Just grab a seat and join us!

      Bowmore School Council.

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