Below are the School Council Bylaws, as well as the TDSB policies & regulations that guide our work.

2017-2018 BYLAW REVIEW

BYLAW – Conflict Resolution
BYLAW – Conflict of Interest
BYLAW – Code of Ethics
BYLAW – Election and Vacancy

TDSB School Councils – A Guide for Members
TDSB School Council Regulations – A Summary Under the Education Act
TDSB Fundraising Guidelines
TDSB Guidance for School Councils
TDSB Online Code of Conduct


4 responses to “Bylaws/Policies

  1. Ryan Choi

    Looked for School Council financial records and reports to principal and school board. Appear to be missing for the last several years. Under the Education Act, these items are to be readily available for any parent to look at. Any reason as to why they are not on the website? Last available year appears to be 2012/13

    • The Financials are posted as attachments to the minutes of council meetings where we vote on budgets. They have been physically posted in the school and filed with the TDSB during the school year.

      The majority of school councils don’t have Web pages or Google drives, etc, and are not required to have any sort of Internet access for parents. The wonderful Bowmore volunteers have gone over and above to develop online resources, to keep other parents informed and to provide access to news and information. Yes the records are available to any parent but there is no requirement ‎for them to be posted publicly on-line. Parents just need to request the information from the Council chair, the Principal, or the Board.

  2. Ryan Choi

    Sounds like you are taking offense to my question. No offense was intended. The volunteers are doing a great job. Just don’t understand why you wouldn’t make these available on the website if your going to be posting other council related information, especially as a link specifically to “Financials” is listed. More transparency that way. Not to suggest that the volunteers are not being transparent. But the link is there and the information is not.

    • They were available on the web site on the Minutes page. We’ve copied the links from the Minutes page of the web site to the Financials page of the web site. For years prior to 2012 people will need to send a request.

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