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House System
Bowmore News and Reminders
Extracurricular For Students
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House System
Bowmore School Starts House System – The new House System will create team spirit and intermingle kids in different grades.


View the table of classes and which house they’re in.

As of Tuesday September 11, the point tally is … drum roll please … Air with 206 points, Earth with 179, Water with 218, and Fire with 202. Way to go Bowmore!

Bowmore News and Reminders

Join Council – If you are interested in an elected position on the 2018-19 Bowmore School Council please complete the self-nomination form and return it to the school office, or scan and email to bowmoreelections@gmail.com, by Friday September 21st. Details of the positions and their responsibilities can be found on the back of the self-nomination form.

New Accessible Parking Spot in front of Bowmore Bowmore is an accessible school for students who use mobility aids. A new accessible parking spot was recently added in front of the school near the ramp leading up to the main doors. Look for these new signs to find the spot. Please leave this spot available for our students who need it for their wheelchairs etc. It makes a huge difference! Thank you.

Community BBQ – A Bowmore Community Event for everyone! Come out and meet other Bowmore families and staff before heading into the classrooms for Curriculum Night. Read about the BBQ and Spirit Wear in this flyer..

Lunch Lady – The Lunch Lady will be back in October for the optional Wednesday hot lunch program. Information will be going home in the next week or two.

Pizza Lunch – Pizza lunch will be launching a new online ordering system that will be able to accept credit card orders via PayPal. We will also continue to accept cash orders. Information will be sent home soon. First lunch is on Oct. 19.

Facebook – Our day-to-day method of communication is our Facebook page. This is where we post the daily announcements, reminders and general news that may or may not be included in this weekly email.

In order to receive our posts, you will need to Like and Follow the Bowmore School Council Facebook page; we also recommend you confirm that your Notifications are turned on so you don’t miss any posts.

Our page can be found at http://www.Facebook.com/BowmoreSC.

Weekly Email – Please spread the word and encourage other families to sign up to receive this weekly email. Sign up online at http://eepurl.com/c3OKI.

Extracurricular For Students
Cross Country practises – The tentative practise schedule is as follows:

Grades 2-4 Cross-Country Practices
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8:00-8:30 (attendance starting at 7:55)
Ms. Mossman, Mr. Kocan, and M. Overby are the teacher supervisors/coaches

On rain days the students will meet in the Junior Gym (they can leave their backpacks inside while they run). We will ask one of the parent volunteers to hold open Door 7 so students can get in and the coaches can take attendance.

On sunshine days we will take attendance outside and students leave their bags outside in the designated area. If it is hot again like last year students are still expected at practice and the coaches will accommodate practice for the heat.

Students have to check in with attendance before beginning to run rain or shine. Attendance is at 7:55am. Practice begins at 8:00am on rain or sunshine days.

Students are requested to attend the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday practices. If for some reason he/she cannot please let Ms. Mossman know and I can try to co-ordinate an after school practice with Ms. Cahill.

Grades 5-6 Cross Country Practices
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Ms. Cahill, Ms. Obakata are the teacher supervisors/coaches.

Grades 7-8 Cross Country Practices
Practices start on Tuesday.
Tuesday and Wednesdays 3:15-4:00pm and Fridays 7:45-8:30am. They will meet outside near the edge of the field.
Ms. Moran is the teacher supervisor/coach.

Soccer for Grade 5-6 Students

Mr Lyons asked anyone interested in joining the grade 6 soccer team to meet in Room 302 at morning recess this Friday (today). If you’re interested in joining, and missed this meeting, then contact Mr. Lyons.

Soccer for Grade 7-8 Boys

The Gr 7 & 8 Boys’ soccer team try outs will be on Tues. Sept. 18 and Wed. Sept. 19 from 3:20 pm to 4:30 pm. For permission forms see Mme. Brewster. The Boys 7/8 Soccer will also practice on Wed. 3:20-4:30.

Soccer for Grade 7-8 Girls

Grade 7 and 8 Girls Soccer sign-up sheets are up near the pool. Ask Ms. Burke or Mr. Fenton about tryout permission forms. Tryouts start next Tuesday morning @ 7:45 AM.

Bowmore Newsletter

Grade 6-8 students interested in writing articles or reporting on current events for the Bowmore Newsletter can contact Ms. Mansour. The meetings happen at lunch; meeting times will be announced over the PA system in the morning.

Pizza Lunch Student Volunteer

Are you a responsible student in grades 7-8? The Pizza Lunch team is looking for student volunteers to hand out pizza. Volunteers get their lunch free. Listen over the PA system for the meeting time or get your parent/guardian to email bowmoresc@gmail.com to find out when the meeting is.

Volunteer & Donation Opportunities

Cross Country Volunteers Needed – We will be asking for parent volunteers to help with supervision and specialized coaching. Email bowmoresc@gmail.com for more information or to sign up!

BBQ Volunteers Needed Thursday September 20 – We will be hosting a school wide BBQ with lots of activities (volunteers from Enbridge will be working the BBQs). Curriculum night at the school will follow at 6pm. Email bowmoresc@gmail.com for more information or to sign up!

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! To find out what jobs work for you contact our volunteer coordinator at bowmoresc.vol@gmail.com.

School Procedures
Rainy Days – On rainy days your child will need to go to particular entrances based on the grade that they are in.At 8:30, students from Grades 1-4 in the South building will be let inside door 7 by a staff member. All students should head downstairs to the gymnasium and sit where they usually eat their lunch with their classes. The teacher who is normally on duty outside will be downstairs supervising, so there is no need to attend with your children as it will quickly get very crowded! When the bell rings at 8:40, teachers will pick up their classes and the day will resume normally.For Kindergarten parents, please bring your child in through the door they normally enter and exit; an ECE will meet you there and direct you to wait outside your child’s classroom.For Grade 4-6 students in the North building, they are to enter through door 8 where they will be supervised by another teacher on duty until the bell. At that time they will be dismissed to their classrooms.Grade 7-8 students will enter at their normal door in the front of the school.Thanks for your cooperation!
Coming Events

Sept 19: Council Meeting Review. At 9AM there will be a review of the Principal’s Message as well as the spending plan. This is a review of the Sept 11 meeting for those who could not attend.

Sept 20: Bowmore Community BBQ and Curriculum Night

Sept 21: Photo Day

Sept 21: Last day for School Council Self-Nomination Forms

Sept 27: Terry Fox Run

Oct 2: Cross Country Meet for Grades 2-4