Visiting the School

The following is a message from Bowmore’s Administration Team.

We invite parents to visit our school and become acquainted with the facility as well as the people in the facility. Bowmore becomes a safer, more efficient place for children to learn by utilizing the following guidelines:

  1. To maintain a secure facility for students and staff we are asking all visitors, volunteers and parents to enter the school using the front doors.
  2. Visitors, volunteers and parents must report to the main office to obtain a visitor pass every time you enter the building.
  3. Classroom visits and conferences must be arranged with the teacher prior to arriving to the school. We value your child’s instructional time and conferences need to be scheduled at a time when the teacher does not have other instructional or supervisory responsibilities.
  4. To ensure the safety of all students, parents are asked to enter the school without using the parking lot. The parking lot is off limits to students.

We thank you in advance for your understanding, as we strive to maintain a safe environment for everyone at Bowmore.