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Dream Basket Fundraiser


Continuing a Bowmore tradition, Bowmore classrooms are once again participating in the Dream Basket Fundraiser by collecting items to assemble in a basket. This year we’re trying something a little different. We are collecting donations and will divide them into the traditional Dream Baskets and into smaller Fun Boxes. We’re also trying out a few new themes. Baskets and boxes will be raffled off at the Junior Concert on June 3 and at the Bowmore Carnival on June 12. Funds raised will go to the new Kindergarten yard.

Each classroom has been assigned a theme and children are invited to contribute items by theme! Items can be big or small, but should be new. Alternatively if you wish to send cash, we can purchase the items for the baskets/boxes. Collection runs from May 13, 2015 to May 29, 2015.




4, 10, 24, 305, 306

Family Entertainment

Board games, card games, puzzles, activity and puzzle books, comics, dice games, computer games. Gift Cards are welcome.

14, 11, 202, 102, 105

Gourmet Chef/Entertaining

Cookbooks, table linens, aprons, tea towels, mixing bowls, baking tins, wooden spoons, whisks, rolling pin, cookie cutters, measuring cups, small kitchen appliances and gadgets, specialty oils and spices, wine. Gift Cards are welcome.

12, 8, 204, 301, 106

Toys Galore/Arts & Crafts

Books, paper, coloured pencils, glue sticks, beads, stickers, tattoos, markers, crayons, paint sets, craft kits, scrapbooking accessories, play-doh, clay, model kits, and, of course, toys. Gift Cards are welcome.

2, 20, 27, 107, 3


Pedicure/manicure supplies, candles, bath oils, soaps, bath items, music, hair supplies, lotions, slippers, robes. Gift Cards are welcome.

9, 19, 201, 31, 25

Latest and Greatest (Toys that are popular this year)

Pokemon, Minecraft, Disney Princesses/Frozen, LEGO, Minions, My Little Pony, other on-screen & book favourites. Gift cards are welcome.

5, 26, 208, 312

Sweets and Treats/Movie Night

Nut-free chocolate, licorice allsorts, caramels, gummies, candy floss, salty snacks. DVDs, popcorn, chips, pretzels. Gift cards are welcome.

13, 21, 209, 310

Fitness/Outdoor Fun

Sports items, yoga mats, Pilates balls, fitness DVDs, balls, frisbees, water toys, bubbles, kite, sidewalk chalk, beach shovels & buckets, other beach toys. Gift cards are welcome.

You can download this list via this flyer: Dream Basket and Fun Box Donation Flyer

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Dream Basket Fundraiser Clarification

This year only the junior / primary school students are participating in the Holiday Concert Dream Basket fundraiser.   Senior school students will be asked to participate in the Spring Dream Basket Fundraiser, to be held on the evening of the Spring concert/Living & Learning event.

Last year the senior school responded very well to the call for Dream Basket donations.  This year we will have a Dream Basket fundraiser geared toward the interests of the older students and their parents at the Spring concert – an event that highlights the talents of the senior school.  We apologize for any confusion.

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Bake Sale Contributions & Volunteers Needed

Calling all bakers!  We need to fill our bake sale table for the junior holiday concert on Thursday Decmber 12th.  Sweet or savoury, we would be happy to take it all!  Baked items can be dropped off the day of the holiday concert in the office or at the bake sale table.All baked goods will be sold for $1 or $2 per piece with the exception of cookies.

Please indicate if items are gluten, dairy or egg free, and as always, please be sure all items are peanut & tree nut free.

Even if you’re not a baker, we can still use your help!  If you can spare an hour to volunteer at the bake sale tables, please let us know by email at bowmoresc@gmail.com.

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