School Council Positions

School Council Self-Nominations: We Need You!

BowmoreVolunteersSeptember nominations are for numerous positions on the Executive. To nominate yourself, download the current nomination form (PDF), fill it out and drop it off in the school office. Printed forms are also available in the school office.
Self-Nomination Forms (PDF)

List of Positions (September elections)

  • Chair or Co-Chairs: Provide leadership and guidance to the Executive Committee and liaise with the Principal and Vice Principals on School Council related school matters. Responsibilities also include overseeing School Council initiatives and providing guidance and support to sub-committees, chairing School Council meetings (minimum of four per a year) including leading the development of meeting agendas, and representing School Council at various external TDSB meetings. (May and September Elections)
  • Secretary: The Secretary attends and takes minutes at each School Council meeting. The Secretary prepares these minutes for draft review before each subsequent meeting, and works with the Communications Coordinator to ensure their publication in approved form on the School Council website.
  • Fundraising Chair: The Fundraising Chair organizes fundraising activities, by coordinating and implementing a fundraising plan that is decided upon by School Council by the end of October. Funds raised in this role are key to student enrichment activities at Bowmore.
  • Ward 16 Representative: Attends Ward 16 Trustee meetings and reports on learnings at School Council meetings.
  • Communications Lead and Team: Manages website, e-blasts, social media and School Council newsletter submissions. Frequent computer access required. This role can be shared.
  • Ward 32 Liaison: ‎ Coordinates resources between the school and the Fairmount Park Community Centre (CC).  Working with the CC manager/staff to boost awareness of existing programs and explore ways to get more programming such as after school or “early years” programming scheduled in the School and CC. Might also establish contacts with Ward officials (Mary Margaret) to explore new resources (e.g. a community garden set up that the students could access.)
  • Eco Lead: Work closely with the school administration, teachers, and student green team to implement “green” initiatives (i.e. shoreline clean up, litter audits, litter less lunch and no-idling campaigns). Other responsibilities include: Assemble and coordinate parent Green Team, update parent council on green team activities, identify potential grant opportunities, develop content for the monthly school newsletter, help school to develop Eco-school binder and be present for audits.
  • Parental Outreach Coordinator: coordinate submitting the PRO grant and figuring out what types of outreach or community activities would be most widely attended. Then of course booking the workshop/activity.
  • Volunteer Coordinator(s): maintain and update contact lists‎ for events. This would essentially be an online spreadsheet filling job but could also involve volunteer recruitment if the person is so inclined. They would coordinate with the parents who run events to collect and supply volunteer contacts. The spreadsheet would include what types of volunteering a parent would be interested in. This may also include contacting grade 7 and 8 teachers (if so inclined) to see about involving older kids in events.
  • Carnival Chair: This position could also be done as a co-chair with the present Carnival Chair. It’s a great opportunity to raise a lot of money for the school and your kids will think you are super fun being the Carnival Parent. Working off the existing event template while adding your own special touches, the Carnival Chair is responsible for the following:
    • setting a budget (with 5 years of history to work from)
    • booking bouncy castles and other attractions
    • seeking donations from community businesses to cover the cost of attraction rentals
    • working with a team of Bowmore parents who assist with permits/insurance, volunteer recruitment/management, fun foods, and marketing in and out of the school
    • being the lead on event day
  • Make-It Fair – Lead and Team Members: “The Bowmore “Make It!” Fair committee lead is responsible for maintaining the vision of the Fair as a community outreach event and be the primary liaison with the Bowmore P.S. Principle/Vice-Principal(s) (regarding the required booking/permitting of the Senior Gym, coordination with the Caretaking Staff for tables, chairs, waste and final clean up) and with the Bowmore School Council. The BMIF Committee lead is also required to assemble the “core team,” delegate responsibilities to the “core team” (Maker coordinator, Vendor/Non-profit coordinator, Food coordinator, Student/Teacher coordinator, Raffle coordinator, Activity Table coordinator(s) for cardboard table and/or toy-hack table, Marketing Coordinator), coordinate with the Bowmore School Council Volunteer Coordinator to supply volunteers for the day of the event, write/edit Call For Maker and Call For Volunteer announcements, and various other supervisory roles leading up to and throughout the day of the “Make It!” Fair event.”
  • Pizza Lunch Coordinators: Pizza lunch coordinators are responsible for the administration and execution of pizza lunch. Administration involves the preparation, distribution and collection of pizza order forms as well as compiling this information and ordering the necessary pizza and milk. On pizza lunch days the coordinators will facilitate the distribution of milk and pizza to the students and assist with cleaning up and returning crates and bags to their proper place. (This would be the same for Subway if that takes place.)
  • Movie Night Chair and Team Members: Runs a community movie night approx 6-8 times per year of recently released movies. Each movie night requires approx 1-2 hour prep and for the coordinator to be there for the duration of the movie. An additional 3 hours. Coordinating with office and custodial staff.
  • Lice Check Coordinator: Oversees school-wide pediculosis check procedure. Organizes letter home to parents in first day package for funds to be sent in, counts money and gives to Treasurer for deposit. Plans day(s) for checks with office, and books professional services (currently Nit Wits).  Number of checks per year depends on funds received (two to three per year). Day of pediculosis checks coordinator recruits volunteers, obtains class box lists and expedites students through lice check procedure in an efficient manner. Follows up with professional lice check team and books follow-up day to re-check lice cases and absentees.
  • Lego Club Coordinator: Along with your team you will be dividing up things like club registration, arranging & scheduling volunteers, planning sessions and working in LEGO Club one lunch hour per week over the winter (or arranging for other volunteers to do it).
  • Parent Outreach Coordinator: The primary responsibility of this role is to lead Bowmore school council’s application to the Parents Reaching Out Grant. The grant supports projects focused on engaging parents who may experience challenges as a result of language barriers, recent immigration, poverty, newness to Ontario’s school system or other factors. The maximum value of the grant is $1,000. The Coordinator would be be responsible for writing the grant application and (if successful) coordinating implementation of the project and reporting back results to the Ontario Ministry of Education.
  • Bake Sale – Lead and Team Members: The Bake Sale lead is the person who is in charge of all details, involving the coordination with admin and volunteers, as well as overseeing the sale of baked goods at school events for the purpose of fundraising on behalf of the school council.
  • Scholastic Book Fair Lead: The lead for book fair is the person who is in charge of all details, coordinating with staff, admin and outside parties to bring in books for sale to students and families for the purpose of fundraising for our library and classrooms. This is performed on behalf of the school.
  • Grant Writing – Lead: Writing proposals for any applicable Grants our Council would like to apply for throughout the school year.
  • Caring and Safe Schools – Parent Representative: This is a position that is asked upon by admin and is not a Council Role but we wanted to add it as a heads up in case anyone wants to assist. It involves attending meetings throughout the year and working with the school admin.

May elections:

Treasurer: The Treasure’s role is to record all financial transactions of the School Council, which include writing cheques, depositing money and keeping a record of all money movements. The Treasure works closely with School Council members and the school’s Principal to draft and present a budget for next year’s spending. Interim and final bank reconciliation documents are prepared and submitted to the TDSB. (May Elections)

QSP Lead: The lead for QSP is the person who coordinates with school staff and QSP manager to organize and manage a magazine fundraiser.  It involves school contests, an event day and distributing prizes to students. (May Elections)

Volunteering is always welcome at Bowmore! We are always in need of dedicated parent volunteers who can provide support in a variety of ways, including Pizza Lunch Volunteer, Movie Night Volunteer, QSP and Fundraising Volunteers and much more! Please think about your interests and time availability, and contact us at one of the following:

We have lots of ideas for ways parents can help at Bowmore!