Police Background Check

Police background checks are now mandatory for all persons over the age of 18 who volunteer in TDSB schools or are in contact with students more than three times in a school year. This includes parents volunteering for School Council organized events, field trips, special events, etc.

The police background check is a three-step process.

1. Complete and submit the police background check form.

  • Pick up the legal-sized application from the Bowmore main office. Please be sure to fill it out completely and accurately – they’re sticklers for detail – any forms with errors or missing info are returned.
  • Get a certified cheque or bank draft made out to Toronto Police Services. Please check with the main office to find out what amount should be written on the cheque. This is a one-time application but takes several months to process. Individual applications can be obtained and submitted with the cheque through the school office.

2. Register your results with the TDSB.

  • When your application is processed the Toronto Police Services will mail you a letter with your results. Take this in to the school main office and they forward it to the central TDSB office to be entered into the system. It will be returned to you in about two weeks.
  • If you want verification that this has been entered in the system, wait until it is returned and ask the main office to check the list.

3. Renew your results before one year has passed.

  • No more than one year after your background check has been approved you must submit an annual renewal form (no cost) in order to keep volunteering. This renewal form must be completed annually or your background clearance will expire and you will have to go back to step 1.
  • Go to the main office to get a copy of the Annual Offence Declaration Form. Hand it in to the main office.
  • If you want verification that this has been entered in the system, ask the office how long it will take. Once that time has passed ask the main office to check the list.

Certified cheque? Is there an alternative?

Sometimes the Bowmore School Council facilitates this process by running a “batch process”. That is, rather than people submitting forms & payment individually, individuals submit cash and a completed form to Bowmore School Council. Council collects the forms and gets one certified cheque to cover all applications. Step 2 and 3 proceed as above. The one thing to be aware of is that if even one application in this batch has an error in it, the entire batch is rejected. Someone from Council reviews every application to ensure that the batch is error-free before it is submitted.

To participate in a batch process, pick up an application from the main office, return it to the Bowmore School Council mailbox along with $20 in cash. Before doing this please check with Council to find out if there is a batch process scheduled or if you will need to submit individually instead.