2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR


May Newsletter 2018 (PDF)
April Newsletter 2018 (PDF)
Feb- Mar Newsletter 2018 (PDF)
January 2018 (PDF)
December 2017 (PDF)
November 2017 (PDF)
October 2017 (PDF)
September 2017 (PDF)

2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

June 2017 (PDF)
May 2017 (PDF)
April 2017 (PDF)
March 2017 (PDF)
February 2016 (PDF)
January 2017 (PDF)
December 2016 (PDF)
November 2016 (PDF)
October 2016 (PDF)
September 2016 (PDF)

June 2016 (PDF)
May 2016 (PDF)
April 2016 (PDF)
March 2016 (PDF)
March 2016 (PDF)
February 2016 (PDF)
January 2016 (PDF)
December 2015 (PDF)
November 2015 (PDF)
October 2015 (PDF)
September 2015 (PDF)

Bowmore News June 2015 (PDF)

Bowmore News May 2015(PDF)
Bowmore News April 2015(PDF)
Bowmore News March 2015 (PDF)
Bowmore News February 2015(PDF)
Bowmore News January 2015(PDF)
Bowmore News December 2014(PDF)
Bowmore News October 2014(PDF)
Bowmore News September 2014(PDF)


Bowmore News March 2014(PDF)
Bowmore News Jan-Feb 2014(PDF)
Bowmore News Nov-Dec 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News Oct 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News Sept 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News June 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News May 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News March 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News February 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News January 2013 (PDF)
Bowmore News December 2012 (PDF)
Bowmore News November 2012 (PDF)
Bowmore News October 2012 (PDF)
Bowmore News September 2012 (PDF)
Bowmore 2012-12 Annual Report – an overview of School Council activities in 2011-12, including a summary of fundraising revenues and allocations.
June 2012 Newsletter
May 2012 Newsletter
April 2012 Newsletter
March 2012 Newsletter
February 2012 Newsletter




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