House System

Bowmore School Starts House System

The new House System will create team spirit and intermingle kids in different grades.

This year, Bowmore has adopted the “House” system. This means that every student (from K – 8), teacher, and staff member has been assigned one of four Houses: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

Every classroom is a representative of one House. For example, if the teacher in Room 405 belongs to House ‘Air’, then all of the students in that classroom belong to House ‘Air’ as well.

The House system encourages school participation and spirit by organizing Spirit Days, House League games, and other initiatives. Each house has a colour: Earth = GREEN; Fire = RED; Air = WHITE; Water = BLUE. Every student that wears a shirt, shorts, pants, etc. will be allotted a point for participation towards their House.

All points will be tallied, recorded and displayed so students can track the progress of their House near the main office on the East bulletin board. Stay tuned for more fun events in which your child can participate!

Air (White) Water (Blue) Fire (Red) Earth (Green)
Nguyen Rahbek Clarke Mallette
Paulfer Parkins Varga Aivalis
Nguyen Rahbek Clarke Mallette
Kocan Seater/Stefanidis Eisenberg Korimsek
DelAguila Mossman Riddle Ferris
Reinsalu Crook Kerr Williams
Martin Clarke/Cain Nahas Jones
Obokata Jarvis Ross Moran
Cahill Smith Davis Harquail
Mansour Frese Slaght Sekdorian
Prince Lall C. Burke Butters
Scanga Gatt Hopkin Freeman
Comendador Selby Brewster Overby
Lyons Richards Jamie Z. OA
Rae Snowden Naruse Office Parsons
ECE Deschamps Parson VP
Vandenieuwegiessen Fenton
Richards VP