Weekly News June 23, 2019

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House System
Allergy Awareness at Bowmore
Extracurricular For Students
Volunteer Opportunities
Coming Events

House System

Great spirit Bowmore. Keep it up!

Overview of the House System

View the table of classes and which house they’re in.

Allergy Awareness at Bowmore

Allergy Tip #20: Designate a place in your kitchen for your allergens.

One of the easiest ways to limit cross contamination is to try to keep all of your allergens in the same place when possible. Store your child’s lunch bags and lunch containers in a location away from the allergens. In the event that you think there may be cross-contamination, wash using soap and warm water. Allergens can stay on sponges and towels so the safest option is to use disposable methods, such as paper towel or wipes.

Read all the allergy tips.


There will not be a School Council meeting in June. Council meetings will resume in September. Have a great summer!

Extracurricular For Students
Volunteer and Donations

Grade 7 Parents still needed

The grade 8 graduation team is still looking for Grade 7 Bowmore parents to help with the grad. They need volunteers for Tuesday at 3pm to help with clean up. Anyone want to help? They also need some cut up watermelon, lemon, limes, cucumbers and lots of ice donated. Please email bowmoregrad2019@gmail.com.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Coming Events

June 24: Pizza Lunch team providing one free slice of pizza to every student in Bowmore.

June 25: Grade 8 Graduation

June 27: Last Day of School

View the entire calendar at http://www.bowmoresc.com/calendar

Days of Significance

This calendar highlights selected secular and creed-based days of significance and is provided as a resource for schools and others when planning educational or other activities.

TDSB Days of Significance

TDSB Days of Significance Resource Guide

TDSB Indigenous Days of Significance


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