Hi Grade 7 Parents!

Hi Grade 7 Parents!

As you may know, we have a tradition at Bowmore Public School that the Grade 7 parents help to contribute to the Grade 8 Grad celebrations. This year our Bowmore grads will celebrate this milestone on Tuesday, June 26 from 1-4pm with a dance and refreshments.

We are looking for donations of Chips & Pretzels (or other snacks), Watermelon & Pineapple (for fruit skewers) and a few bags of ice (day of). If you would prefer to make a monetary donation that is also much appreciated! Donations should be dropped off at the School office. Please email bowmoregrad2018@gmail.com to let us know how you would like to contribute! Thank you for your support! Next year, the Grade 7 parents will do the same for your grad!

Have a wonderful summer!

Grad Committee 2018


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