Change in Bowmore School Council Communications

Hi Bowmore Community,

Due to the low number of subscribers and views of the blog posts on this web site, we are moving to posting day-to-day descriptions and events only on Facebook. This site will continue to post copies of forms, minutes of meetings, and other content that is more static. We encourage anyone who is not currently on Facebook to consider joining because a lot of information is shared on the Bowmore School Council page. Council Facebook Page.

Facebook not your thing or you prefer emails? There’s a new option this year: per-classroom communication. Each class has one parent volunteer who forwards information from Council and the teacher. Those who sign up will receive this email once a week. If you are interested, please email and attach a copy of the consent form. If you do not sign up then you will not get the emails.

Some people choose to both follow Facebook and receive the classroom emails. It’s up to you.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Thank you,
Bowmore School Council


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