Pizza Lunch Order form due Thurs Oct 6

Your child should be coming home with a pizza lunch order form in their backpack today. Please if you have more than one child, please keep each child’s order and payment separate. When we count the money and orders, we sort and process by classroom. When student orders are mixed together, we have to go back to the other classroom(s) and alter the order for that classroom. This slows down the process and sometimes errors are introduced because we thought that we covered all of these special cases but we miss something. It is very helpful when each child has their own order form and payment. Thank you!

If your child didn’t come home with an order envelope, you can download the PDF and print it at home on a #10 envelope.

This order form covers the first three pizza lunches of the year. Subway lunches and the remaining four pizza lunches will come home on other forms.


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