Welcome back! First day of school information

In this bulletin, you can find files to download providing information about the school and an update on the outside areas of Bowmore:

Map of classroom line up locations in the grade school yard

Map showing the classrooms in the grade school yard

For the 200-level classrooms, these are the numbers from right to left facing north: 201, 202, 204, 206. 208, 209.

Update on outdoor play areas

A quick update regarding the south playground construction from Bowmore Principal Lori McKay:

Demolition started first week in August and the construction crew has worked diligently throughout the month, under very hot temperatures to try to stay on schedule. Extra drainage was added (although not on the original plan – no extra cost). The play equipment has been ordered, (waiting on slide to be manufactured). Construction will be ongoing, and will impact the first day of school. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. I have had a temporary fence installed around the peace garden, so that we have 2 outdoor FDK areas. Anticipated time of completion for this project is the end of September, which would be slightly ahead of schedule. The original completion date was mid-October. I have been overseeing the project throughout the summer and meeting with TDSB facilities and Construction personnel. I look forward to unveiling the new space and am excited about the outcome. I ask for your patience and understanding during the last phase of this project.


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