Next Council meeting Wed April 6 @ 6:00 PM

Bowmore School Council MeetingWednesday, April 6th 2016; 6:00 PM StartAGENDA6:00 pm Review of Agenda and Call for New Business (5 Minutes)
6:05 pm Approval of Minutes from February 2016 meeting (5 minutes)
6:10 pm Fundraising and events Update (20 minutes)

  • Bowmore Direct Donation Pilot Project (Lori Sears-Malik)
  • Bowmore Rocks (Lori Sears-Malik)
  • Make It Fair (Andrew Duff)
  • Book Fair (Cheryl Ball)
  • Movie Night (Krista Nolan)
  • Toronto Marlies Fundraiser (Elizabeth Grundon)
  • Junior Concert on May 11th (Viviana Kohon)

6:30 pm PRO Grant (Susana Molinolo) (5 minutes)
6:35 pm New Business Discussion (10 minutes)
6:45 pm Principal’s Report on Teacher allocation for next school year, updates and Q&A (Lori McKay) (45 minutes)
7:30 pm Adjournment

Download the agenda for this meeting and the draft minutes from the February 2016 meeting.


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