Letter from the TDSB about the Job Action from CUPE

Please read a letter from the TDSB about the Job Action from CUPE. This includes office staff, EAs, SNAs ECEs, Caretaking and swim instructors.

Currently the school is still operating the snack program which will begin Oct. 5th. However, we must make sure there is no organic waste as it will not be disposed by our caretaking staff.

From Principal McKay: “I would like the community to know that we are finding it more challenging to operate business as usual. Our first priority is student safety and all parties have acknowledged this. Things outside of student safety such as parent communication (other than safety), collection of money, hallway cleanliness, etc. will be impacted on the multiple job actions taking place in the building.

We will be sending out a communication in our Oct newsletters to communicate our current working conditions.

We continue to believe in a strong working relationship between home and school and therefore thank everybody for their patience and understanding during these difficult times.”

Letter from TDSB regarding job action (PDF)


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