Kick-off School Council Meeting This Thursday!

meetingSchool Council Meeting Thursday, September 24
Please join us for the next Bowmore School Council Meeting! 

Thursday, September 24 6 – 8 pm in the teacher’s meeting room

At each meeting, we provide free child care and pizza, to make it easier for all parents to attend.

Meetings include a report from council, a report from Principal McKay, news about what’s happening in our school community and voting on any budget or activity decisions. Join us! All parents have an equal voice and vote!

Minutes from May 7 2015 meeting (PDF)

AGENDA (Download agenda PDF)

1. Review of Agenda and Call for New Business (6:00 – 5 minutes)
2. Approval of Minutes from May 2015 meeting (6:05 – 5 minutes)
3. Principal’s Report (Lori McKay) (6:10 – 30 minutes)
a. Classroom Reorganization
b. Work to Rule
c. Home EC Room
d. Facilities
e. Parents Reaching Out Grant
f. IT
4. Treasurer’s Report (Martin Haart) (6:40 – 5 minutes)
5. Fundraising Update (Elizabeth Grundon) (6:45 – 20 minutes)
a. Bowmore Direct Donation Pilot Project (Lori Sears-Malik)
b. QSP – (Jennifer Hermanson)
c. Pizza and Subway Lunch
d. Movie Night
6. Council Nominations Forms (7:05 – 5 minutes)
7. New Business Discussion (7:10 – 20 minutes)
8. Adjournment (7:30)


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