First Lice Check Completed

We had a busy day with Nit Wits professional lice checkers on Friday Sept. 18 checking the whole school for lice, eggs and nits! Happily our numbers are lower than this time last year, but as always, there are some cases of lice in the school.  If you haven’t been notified that your child has lice, your student has received an all clear (assuming they were not absent or declined a check).  Nit Wits will return soon to recheck those with a case of pediculosis, as well as any absentees that day.  In the meantime, because of the teacher’s work to rule, you may not receive a notification of lice in your child’s classroom.   Please see the posted letter for signs of lice, and as always, remind your child not to share hats, brushes, and watch out for those head-to-head selfie shots!
Reminder to check your children's heads for lice; affected families have been informed but the classrooms of the affected families have not been informed.

Letter in PDF format


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