Today’s Junior Ski Trip to Proceed as Planned

Attn parents of students in grades 4-6:

Today’s Junior Ski Trip has not been cancelled. If your child is attending the trip, please bring them to the school at 7 am. Dress them warmly in layers, with extra socks and mittens. The buses will depart at 7:30.

A note from Principal McKay this morning:

“Although our kids will have to bundle up, we are above our cold alert of -23. I have contacted the weather network, and they have lifted the severe cold alert. The temperatures today at Dagmar are expected to be -10, feeling like -15. Partially sunny with possibility of snow. Given this, with kids dressed properly (layers) the trip is a go today. All administration will be at the school today to help facilitate a smooth transition and provide communication and assistance. Happy trails.”


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