School Council Meeting – Thursday October 9 – 6 pm

meetingBowmore School Council will be having its first meeting of the school year tomorrow, Thursday October 9 at 6pm in the Sr. Cafeteria. All parents are welcome to attend, vote, and discuss issues.

This will be a terrific opportunity to hear updates from our school principal, Lori McKay, about what lies ahead this school year.

Your participation matters! Every parent attending a meeting, whether or not they have an executive role on council, has an equal right to vote and participate. Come join us and make your voice heard!

Welcome and Call for New Business (2 minutes)

Approval of Minutes from May 2014 meeting (2 minutes)

Upcoming Dates (2 minutes) Tentative BSC meeting dates – 3rd week Nov, 3rd week Jan, 4th week Feb, 3rd week April, 3rd week May

Principal’s Report (Lori McKay) (10 minutes)

Treasurer’s Report (Martin Haardt) (20 minutes)
a. Review of 2013/14 Budget (attached to May 2014 meeting minutes)
b. Review of 2014/15 Budget
c. Vote on 2014/15 Budget Expenses

Fundraising and Community Activities (10 minutes)
a. New and ongoing Fundraising – Lori Malik (5 minutes)
b. Multicultural Potluck – Shelly Baboollal (5 minutes)
c. P.E.P. – Connie Crane (2 minutes)
Review and Approval of School Statement of Need (SSON) (5 minutes)

Positions still available on Council: (5 minutes)
Eco Team (to work with 3 school staff)
Volunteer Coordinator
Bake Sale Coordinator
Grant writing team

QSP Report – Jennifer Hermanson Peturson (5 minutes)

Movie Nights (Krista Nolan) (2 minutes)

Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) Committee – Ruth Lee (10 minutes)



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