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Subscribe to your favourite magazines & support Bowmore! Group # 3720844

Bowmore JR. & SR. Public School
Magazine and Photo Album Fundraiser 2014

Our QSP magazine fundraiser has returned starting on Wednesday, October 1st and ending Wednesday, October 15th! It’s that time of year to renew your magazine subscriptions and find new ones from the list of 600+ magazines and more digital magazines.  New this year you can purchase photo albums online and donations from this purchase go to the fundraising campaign.

We continue to support this campaign because $10 on average from every subscription or photo album we sell goes to support our school’s extra-curricular programs and more…

OUR GOAL THIS YEAR IS TO RAISE $32,000 gross sales for Bowmore Public School. We need an average of 3 subscriptions per family in order to reach this goal. Please remember that these make great gifts.

Where Do Our Fundraising Dollars Go?
The Bowmore Parent Council uses the funds collected from all our fundraising efforts to support the many wonderful programs and new initiatives such as:

  • Prologue – Art performers and workshops
  • Scientists/Artists in the Classroom – hands on learning
  • Computers and network connectivity in the classrooms
  • New kindergarten equipment for the play area
  • A new home economic program

To Show Your Support, It’s a Simple Click Away
We would like to encourage you to order online via http://www.qsp.ca You will save $1.00 processing fee for ordering online and your order is processed quicker.

Go to:  http://www.qsp.ca
Click on SHOP NOW button
Let’s get started!
Type in GROUP ID # 3720844
Please remember to add your Child’s First & Last Name, Teacher and Classroom #

Should you wish to order by cheque, please make cheque payable to BOWMORE SCHOOL COUNCIL and please add $1.00 for manual order processing fee to the total amount.

How Do We Put the FUN in this Fundraiser?
It’s Time to Come out of Hibernation and Celebrate! Learn about the prizes that your child can win!

On behalf of the BOWMORE SCHOOL COUNCIL we would like to thank you for your continued support.  Our school is a better school because of your efforts.

Thank you,
Bowmore School Council


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