Bowmore Pizza Lunch 2013/2014

pizzaBowmore School Council, in partnership with the teachers and staff, invites you to participate in the Pizza Lunch Fundraiser. Profits raised are used by the School Council to enhance student education by contributing to the cost of initiatives such as Scientists in the School, Prologue Theatre and much more.

We offer cheese pizza from Pizza Pizza and (250ml) regular or chocolate milk. Lunch includes a complimentary fruit. The pizza is served on napkins. Students should provide their own plates, if desired.

The dates selected for the second part of the school year are:
Friday, February 21st
Friday, March 28th
Friday, April 25th
Friday, May 30th

Your child has also received an envelope payment form, available for download here, in case you need another.  If you wish to participate, please complete the front and return the envelope with payment to the student’s teacher by Wednesday, January 29th.  We accept cash or cheques made payable to “Bowmore School Council”.  If you have multiple children in the school we would appreciate it if you could please fill out one envelope per child and separate payment.

If you have any questions or wish to volunteer to help with the Pizza Lunch Fundraiser, please email or leave a note with the School Office.


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