Meet Your School Council Executive


Who are we? We’re You! – Bowmore School Council is made up of parent volunteers who represent the interests of parents, guardians and students at Bowmore Rd Jr & Sr School. We advise the principal on a variety of issues and activities affecting our school. We also fundraise for activities that enrich the learning experiences of Bowmore students. All parents have a vote and a voice at Council!

Thank you to all who submitted self-nomination forms for Bowmore School Council in September. Below is a list of the Executive Members as a result of that process.

It is important to note that ALL parents at Bowmore have an equal voice & vote at School Council meetings, which are open to all parents and interested community members. Please plan to attend and share your ideas at our next meeting on October 24!

Bowmore School Council 2013-14: Executive Members
Michelle Aarts, Co-Chair
Kristina Stergiou, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Grundon, Treasurer
Kathleen Sandusky, Communications Committee Lead
Connie Jeske Crane, Communications Coordinator
Monica Curtis, Communications Coordinator
Ruth Lee, Communications Coordinator
Cindy McGlynn, Communications Coordinator
Sarah Cabott, Co-Secretary
Stephanie Simmons, Co-Secretary
Krista Nolan, Movie Night Coordinator
Jennifer Hermanson, Ward 16 Co-Representative
Karin Sildam Eaton, Ward 16 Co-Representative
Karina Halminen, QSP Representative
Kim Antonius, Member-at-Large
Shelly Baboolall, Member-at-Large
Jennifer Beath, Member-at-Large
Nancy Botelho, Member-at-Large
Kyle Couch, Member-at-Large
Andrew Duff, Member-at-Large
Orla Kipling, Member-at-Large
Viviana Kohon, Member-at-Large
Lori Sears-Malik, Member-at-Large
Kelly Nhan, Member-at-Large
Jennifer Adams Peffer, Member-at-Large
Adrian Perpaul, Member-at-Large
Vashti Persad, Member-at-Large

Remember – all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend & vote at meetings – if you have a child at Bowmore, you have a voice and a vote at Council!


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