An Update on Bowmore’s Greening Project

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GreeningTimelineGraph2Over the next year the Bowmore Eco team is proposing a large project to enhance the natural outdoor spaces around Bowmore and build an environment that promotes health and wellness, teaching and learning, and ecological literacy (see Design Consultation  Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 – Timeline).

Phase One of this ambitious project will begin Spring 2013 and involves planting trees in large wooden planters across the back of the school.  This will provide canopy cover and seating for students as a “cooling island” as well as shade on the building during the extremely hot months of May, June and September (Watch >> CBC TV’s video coverage of last summer’s spring heat wave at Bowmore).  Funding for this phase has been largely provided by TD Friends of the Environment as well as the Bowmore School Council.

We are hopeful that the second and third phases can be rolled out over the next year and funded in part from local businesses, Bowmore School Council, and grants (see Appendix 3 – Budget). Phase Two includes building an interactive and inviting outdoor classroom space at the front of the school to allow for creative play and academic learning for our students and teachers. Phase Three involves the establishment of an adjacent community vegetable garden that students and the local community will maintain.

A request to provide partial funding for Phases Two and Three of this project will be made at the May Bowmore Parent Council meeting.  All are invited to provide their input and encouraged to attend the May meeting to have their chance to vote on this and the other 2013/2014 proposed budget items.

Bowmore Eco Team


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