Starting This Friday, Help Bowmore With Your E-Waste!

Beginning Friday February 8 – Bring your unwanted electronic waste to Bowmore!


We are thrilled to announce that our school has joined the “Think Recycle” program, an initiative that allows everyone to safely and responsibly recycle their electronics in order to raise funds for our school.

Mr. Norris and his grade 7 class are spearheading this initiative which makes direct connections to the concept of Sustainability and Stewardship and the “Big” idea of how human activities have the potential to alter and control the environment in both positive and negative ways.

Here is how it works:
You (students, staff, parents and your friends, family and colleagues)
Collect unwanted cell phones, laptops, ink/toner cartridges, digital cameras and ipods
Drop these items into collection boxes at Bowmore Public School
Ship – we will prepare the boxes for shipping – pre-paid by Think Recycle!

Think Recycle has a ZERO landfill policy – focusing on refurbishing and reusing first and safely recycling the rest.

For every 24 qualifying products collected by the Bowmore community, 1 tree will be planted through Tree Canada. To date, Think Recycle has planted well over 55,000 trees!

Watch a video about electronic waste

What qualifies for donations? Cell Phones, Laptops, Ink/Toner Cartridges, digital cameras, ipods

What doesn’t qualify? Toner bottles, printer/fax machine ribbons, batteries, fluorescent lights, keyboards, mice, DVD/CDs, data tapes, video games, power cords or cables, 35 mm cameras or film, televisions, rulers, pencils, clothing.

Have a contribution to make and can’t deliver it to the school? Or would you like to place a collection box at your place of business to raise money for Bowmore? Please contact:

We will be sharing our progress with this initiative via our Facebook account and eblasts.


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