Bowmore’s response to Newtown tragedy

A message today from Principal Sambrook, regarding the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut:
“We are not discussing the Newtown tragedy with students unless a student brings it up in class and wishes to speak to an adult. We had psychology onsite this morning and guidance in the afternoon. To my knowledge only one teacher in senior school has a black armband.

I was interviewed by CTV and CBC this morning and we are following the guidelines given to us by the Director of Education with respect to suggestion for adults and tips for dealing with crisis. This handout (linked below) is very helpful for everyone that has children or that is in a leadership role with students.

Our flag has been lowered and we acknowledged the tragedy on the announcements respectfully. The atmosphere is very calm and there is a sense of normalcy. I have had not one request thus far from a teacher for support.

I hope this helps you better understand the positive, caring routine atmosphere that currently exists in the building.”

Handout To Come Home Tonight
How Parents Can Help Children After a Tragedy
Helping Children Deal with a Crisis
Toronto Star Op-Ed by Chris Spence, Director of Education


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