Thursday Morning: Talk to Bowmore Teachers re Bill 115

A message from Bowmore teachers:

“Several Bowmore teachers are hosting an information session regarding our views on Bill 115 on the morning of Thursday Dec. 13th from 8:00-8:30 am. We are hoping to share a cup of coffee, information, opinions as well as answer questions that parents may have. We hope you will join us.  Please spread the word!”

(Note from Council – We’re told this will happen in the field behind the school.)


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  1. Mark

    I will be at work – so can someone please ask this question for me, and post the answer…?

    [Q.] With a working assumption that Bill 115 isn’t going to be cancelled, and ETFO will hold to it’s 2-year deadline before considering resuming Extra-Curriculars as late as the 2014/2015 school-year.

    What can Bowmore Parent’s be doing NOW to plan/approve TDSB in-school Extra-Curriculars with non-Teacher alternates for 2013/2014 school-year…?

    EXAMPLE – 100% Parent-Run Cross-Country Teams that will STILL be able to Compete at TDSB Events.

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